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Spring Recital

Outside of our excellence in dance education, the thing we are most known for (and that our dance families most look forward to) is our annual Spring Recital! Each year we create a themed production complete with costumes, sets, character roles and an ELITE entertainment experience.  Dancers are proud of their show and captivated by the story line while our audience members are find enjoyment in watching the entire show unfold!  Check out more images of our past recitals below.


Winter Celebrations Performances

Every December our dancers perform in the annual Winter Celebrations performances.  These shows are typically holiday/winter themed and provide a valuable opportunity for dancers to build confidence as they step on stage with their class for the first time.  Because we know that this time of year can be very busy, each show only runs 20-30 minutes long and celebrates all that our dancers have achieved in the first four months of class!

Toy Shelf Kalee.jpg

Toy Shelf

You know what happens to dolls at midnight, don't you? You don't! Come to Toy Shelf and discover the magic. 

Toy Shelf is a family-oriented holiday show about a toy maker who makes life-sized dolls and toys for the holiday season. In a misguided attempt to win over the stern school teacher, the toy maker invites her class to visit his shop and preview his creations. All goes according to plan until his clumsy elf assistants forget to lock up for the night . . .

Spokane Elite dancers are invited to audition for Toy Shelf in the fall for this inspiring performance opportunity!

   1:00pm    Ages 10+
   2:00pm  Ages 6+
   3:00pm  Ages 3+

Please arrive to Spokane Elite Dance Studio 15 minutes before audition time listed above wearing a black leotard and pink ballet tights with hair pulled back into a bun.  Bring a printed audition form with you or fill one out when you arrive!

All rehearsals will happen on Saturday mornings beetween 8am and Noon.


For our annual recitals we product artistic and entertaining renditions of classic, family-favorite stories! 2013 - Curiouser & Curiouser 2014 - Follow the Yellow Brick Road 2015 - Pure Imagination