Spokane Elite
All Star
Competition Team

Being an All Star at Spokane Elite Dance Studio is about more than competing, it is about growth.  We are looking for dancers who want to push themselves hard and really dedicate their body and soul to dancing.

Auditions for next year's All Star Teams are in June 2018!
We will post more about our parent/dancer meetings and All Star performances and events on this page.

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Our Teams

Mini Team - Ages 4 to 7
Junior Team - Ages 8 to 12
Pre-Teen Team - Ages 10 to 14
Teen Team - Ages 13 to 15
Senior Team - Ages 16 to 18

Each team has a mandatory weekly rehearsal time and required classes they must take.  

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Community Performances

September 8th - Silverwood Performance

September 21st - Valleyfest Parade

More performances will be posted soon!

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Conventions + Competitions

Conventions and competitions will be posted soon!